Gardens That Work with Nature

     1 Killarney Gap Road, Bingara 2404, NSW 1 Killarney Gap Road, Bingara 2404, NSW - Map Directions
    7 December 2021
    09:00 AM To 01:00 PM GMT +10:00
    $ 5

    Gwydir Ark invites you to 

    Gardens That work with Nature

    This 4 Hour workshop will cover the following topics:

    Soil Health - What is really meant by this, why is it so important and how can we improve it?  Presented by Amber  Hall

    The soil food web, hints on how to plant, the importance of ground cover and what works in our local environment.

    Resilient Gardens - Presented by Amber Hall

    Tips on how to deal with the intensity of our heat, sun and droughts - how to to help maintain moisture levels.

    The importance of native plants for biodiversity - Presented by Amber Hall

    How the simple addition of a few native species into your existing garden can benefit both your own garden and the environment

    What is Permaculture?  Presented by Rick Hutton

    Introduction to Permaculture principles and simple, practical ways you can incorporate these in your own backyard

    Plant me Instead - presented by Peter Dawson

    A few plants you shouldn't plant in your garden and Plants that attract wildlife that grow easily in our environment

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